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Common interview questions for a job in software consultancy

1 “Describe a typical work week for software consultants in the UK” This question is designed to gauge what prior experience you have in software consultancy and how you can apply your own knowledge to formulate expectations. Both of these are important traits in an aspiring software consultant as experience will provide a familiarity with processes that will streamline assimilating into software team and showing that you can make assumptions… Read Article →

How to Choose the Right Software Consultants

When it comes to choosing the software consultant for your project, there’s a huge number of factors and things you need to look at. The world of software consultancies is huge and varied, running from tiny one man sole trader operations, all the way up to huge corporations, and as such, you can expect to see every level of quality and style of business in between. This can mean that… Read Article →

Software Consultancy

What a Great Software Consultancy Can Do For You

Essentially, software consultancies develop software from concept to completion. If you’ve a great idea for a piece of software for your business or as a product, a great software consultancy can take that from a conceptual idea, to a functioning end product. Software consultancies range from tiny one man freelance type companies, all the way up to huge corporations, and everything in between. Everyone knows that technology is where it’s… Read Article →